Animal PAC, along with other humane and environmental groups stand opposed to the destruction of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

and the killing of endangered and imperiled species.

What will happen if a new government project is allowed to bulldoze our local wetlands?

  • Bulldozing of Protected Habitat

  • Death or Dislocation of Birds and Other Animals

  • Destruction of a Unique Wetland Environment

  • Increased Pollution in the Area 

  • Loss of Endangered Species

Only public pressure can save the Ballona Wetlands.

We all said NO to private development in the Ballona Wetlands, and we must say NO again to this new project to bulldoze this protected wetland habitat.

This project will spend millions of dollars to drastically alter our local environment and kill or dislocate endangered species. 

Other ways you can help

We are supporting door-to-door public outreach efforts to save the Ballona Wetlands.  Please consider helping us prevent the senseless loss of endangered species and protected habitat. 


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California Least Tern*

Belding’s Savannah Sparrow

Peregrine Falcon

Critically Imperiled  

Monarch Butterflies 

Great Blue Heron

All Ballona Wetland photos by Jonathan Coffin

Animal PAC opposes the senseless 

killing of endangered species and

the destruction of protected habitat.

El Segundo Blue Butterfly

Coastal California Gnatcatcher